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Medika is the oldest wholesaler in Croatia and the leading one. It is primarily engaged in the sale, storage and distribution of human and veterinary drugs, medicinal products, equipment and dental supplies, dietetic, cosmetic, hygienic and other products intended for the healthcare market. Accordingly, Medika supplies pharmacies, healthcare facilities, hospitals, health centers, outpatient facilities, doctors’ offices, other wholesalers and specialized stores with the widest range of such products.

Drawing on the tradition, but also on an innovative approach to daily operations, Medika sets new standards in quality of service; in this way Medika has retained the title of market leader for over five decades.

Wholesale drug company with tradition.
The satisfaction and sucess of our customers is also our sucess.

Sweet business sucess

Medika is successful due to several well-balanced assets: a positive attitude, a vision, leadership and organizational skills, and the ability to communicate and cater to the wishes and needs of our customers and to satisfy them in the shortest possible period of time.

The satisfaction of our customers is monitored systematically and we are proud of the confidence that we gained through the cooperation with our longtime business partners. The feedback clearly shows that they recognized our aspiration to meet their high demands.

Our strenght

Employees are the most valuable link in our business operation. Their creativity and professional approach at all levels are the foundation of our company. Thus, we can rightly say that they are our strength, indeed.

Our strength is also our future that we do not want to predict, but to create. We do not take things and events for granted, but we want to contribute and shape the way that is most suitable for our business partners and us.