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Representation of the Italian brand of natural cosmetics L'Erbolario

L'Erbolario company name originates from the ancient term ‘erborare’ which means ‘to gather herbs in the fields, in order to study their medicinal properties’. This is exactly what the family of Franco Bergamaschi, the founder of L’Erbolario, did. The starting point in the production of natural cosmetics were family recipes, tested and improved by means of experiments and research.

During the 30 years in business, L’Erbolario has included a wide range of experts in its team: herbalists, biologists, pharmacists, cosmetologists, doctors and chemical engineers. Product improvement is the primary business goal, evident by the fact that up to 40 new cosmetic preparations are created each year.

Modern production technology is permeated with the values of traditional craftsmanship, and the result is a wide range of formulations based on the authentic herbalist tradition. More than 400 products created for care of the face, body and hair, for protection against the sun, for children’s skin and for enriching the space of your home are available at points of sale throughout the world.

L'Erbolario cosmetic products owe their efficacy and quality to advanced technology and plant extracts they contain. It should be emphasised that L’Erbolario adheres to the international Humane Cosmetics Standard: Stop animal testing, and all production processes are aligned with environmental protection standards.

Gentle and harmonious product ‘image’ is the result of joint work of a large group of illustrators and artists. Besides quality, the success of L’Erbolario in pharmacies has always been underlined by its flawless packaging design.