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Pharmaceutics accounts for 80 % of Medika’s turnover and it offers a wide range of pharmaceutical products from both Croatian and foreign producers. This makes all drugs present on the European and global market accessible to our buyers.

Medika pays particular attention to choosing its suppliers. Apart from the basic requirement that suppliers are registered and capable of meeting Medika’s and its buyers’ needs and expectations, when making an order special attention is paid to business morale which is based on purchasing only those products which successfully underwent all necessary testing and registering and whose content has been confirmed by the most prominent control and regulatory agencies for drugs and medical products.

Long-standing partnership and excellent cooperation with multinational companies is also confirmed by the fact that most of them warehouse their products within Medika’s customs warehouse. 
Medika has established a mutually useful relation with the existing suppliers and it is also focused on recognizing the new ones, paying special attention to innovative trends in pharmaceutics. 
In short, with our health care we contribute to life quality improvement.

80 %
of Medika’s trade