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Warehousing, handling and distribution to customers are the main business activities of Medika.

From Zagreb to Osijek, from Rijeka to Split

Total warehousing space is 23,500 square meters. The Zagreb Logistics Centre is the central place for offices and distribution, while modern distribution and warehousing centres in Osijek, Rijeka and Split offer warehousing and distribution.

State-of-the-art logistic system – warehouse management system (WMS)

With modern technology and logistics, we are able to respond to all customer requirements and always be one step ahead. We invest in modern medicinal product distribution processes, following new technologies in business process automation by using the Warehouse Management System (WMS), a modern logistics system. The SAP system, as part of our information and communication technology, enables us to use a large amount of information and data, permanently and efficiently.

3 750 000 kilometers a year

Our priority is to shorten the time from order to final delivery. We do our best to make the ordered items available to our customers, and thus also to end users, at any time of the day. In about a hundred of recognizable Medika vehicles, our employees travel around 3,750,000 kilometres per year throughout Croatia and deliver more than 68 million parcels of different sizes.