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Warehousing, handling and distribution to customers are the main activity of Medika into which we continually invest new technology and work processes in order to remain the wholesalers of trust for all our business partners.

Perfect design

Total storage space is 23,500 square meters. In the Logistics Centre Zagreb the decisions on procurement and distribution are made, while in modern distribution and storage centers in Osijek, Rijeka and Split, the storage and distribution of pharmaceuticals is organized.

We are using modern logistics system – the “WMS” - Warehouse Management System

Fresh ideas

With modern technology and logistics we are able to respond to all customers requirements and we are always one step ahead. The investment in modern drug distribution processes following the new state-of-art technology in the automation of business processes of the company is made, using modern logistics system – the “WMS” - Warehouse Management System. In addition to this, the SAP system, as part of an information and communication technology, enabled the permanent and effective utilization of a large amount of information and knowledge.

items delivered annually
3.750.000 kilometers annually

Hot tactics

Our priority is to shorten the time from ordering to delivery to a required destination, as much as possible. Accordingly, we do our best to provide our customers and thereby our end users with the ordered items, at any time of the day. Our employees – the drivers - pass around 3,750,000 kilometers a year, throughout Croatia in a hundred of recognizable Medika vehicles and deliver over 9,300,000 items.