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Sales services

We are proud to mention that for about 70 % of its customers Medika is their primary supplier and acts as a link between more than 560 suppliers and 3,800 customers throughout Croatia. Medika offers to its partners and customers an individual approach and understanding of their current and future needs.

We can assess what we have accomplished through an individual approach to buyer. Aware of the fact that a business partner is easier to find than keep, our obligation is to understand their present and future needs, to fulfill their requirements and to try to exceed their expectations. Understanding buyer's desires and needs is the key to our success.
Through  visits to buyers, competent Medika employees constantly inform current and potential buyers about news on the health market.

more than
customers throughout Croatia
Market share of Medika in a pharmacy channel is more than 30 % and in a hospital chan over 36%

Telesales for businesses

A daily contact with our customers takes place through telephone sales. Professional staff of Medika is there for you, not only to receive your order, but also to cater to your wishes and opinions.

Online sales for businesses

In contemporary business world it is necessary to react quickly to the needs of all customers are meet them in the shortest possible time. It is important to emphasize Internet sales as a way that allows an easy and fast purchase of the needed items which has been recognized by more than 80 % of our customers.

In the public procurement healthcare system Medika is a supplier with the highest number of contracts and the highest financial value of the same, in Croatia, in the field of pharmaceuticals and medical products.